ecuRow, Dolbi AX4100 retrofitting

By Plantium

September 28th, 2018 Published in Sin categoría

We introduce you a new ecuRow retrofitting, doubling your speed, doubling your planter. This time in a Dolbi AX4100 planter with 24 rows.

This new retrofitting is planting in Chaco province Argentina, in the town of Pampa del Infierno. Retrofitting is a simple adaptation that can be done in any planter in the market, new or used.

It’s equipped with 24 ecuRow modules, SteerDD automatic pilot, and an SBOX11 multifunction display. These devices working together make the most out of your job. Achieving a 99% singulation at any speed, wich makes it ideal to work at 14 km/h. While the automatic pilot takes care of the driving, ecuRow optimizes planting, reaching incredible levels of precision and benefits.

And not only that, but also reducing driver’s fatigue, allowing to focus on other planting tasks. Also automatic section control increases planting supplies savings even more.

Learn more about ecuRow clicking here.

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