Get timely alerts on your smartphone with all field details, including exceeded speed limits and grain yields.

All your data, all the time

Remotely monitor all your field work while on the move: learn about yields, equipment location and much more,

Mobile connection

Your SBOX7 display is ready to work with CLOUD right out of the box: just purchase the service and start using it. CLOUD includes a mobile data package to send out all your field data without any additional setup or costs.


Keep in touch, all the time

With SBOX CLOUD you get real time information about everything that is going on in the ground. Review historic information and get event alerts, all right on your phone. CLOUD does not require any software installation: all you need to access the dashboard is an internet enabled device such as a desktop or portable computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

You can also receive your alerts through text message or email, allowing you to review the work done and determine how much and how efficient it was.


SBOX CLOUD brings you a one-stop solution to retrieve all the farming information you need with just a few clicks. Learning about a vehicle behavior on the field is as easy as accessing a website from any internet connected device.

Intuitive interface


You will be right at home using SBOX CLOUD, because all the tools and information you need are available within a simple to use interface.1 Drop down menus, 2 draggable controls, 3 buttons and icons, 4 floating windows with coordinate and map information, etc



From this screen you will be able to overview everything that’s going on in the field: speed data, product application, covered areas, etc. Set a list of vehicles and a date range to get details on all its activities. Use layers to review multiple variables on a single map, or get detailed activity reports, with historic and real time information.



Manage all your vehicles easily with SBOX CLOUD: adding or removing new equipment from your account is as easy as a few clicks. Get their current status, engine time and associated alerts. You will also be able to enable custom alerts on usage times, allowing for adequate maintenance and breakdown prevention.



Set users in groups to organize and configure the information they receive and manage. You can assign a given machine to a user group, and those users will be able to get activity logs, generate reports and receive alerts just for that vehicle.



Manage alerts and review their current state, creation date and sending configuration. Receive alerts over text messages, or by email on any internet connected device. Alert types include Speed Limits, Application Rate and Out of Bounds, to name a few. Setting up alerts allows you to be on top of everything that happens on the field, and helps you make informed decisions even while away of the plot.



Generate reports and use them to optimize farm performance. Choose between Express mode to quickly get vehicle, coverage or product information, or a Planned mode if you want the system to regularly create reports and send them out automatically to one or more users. All reports can be exported as HTML, PDF and XLS.

Exportable data


Export field-wide information or plot-specific data on both standard Shape format or CSV, to review or use it using a different platform. The Express mode lets you export data with a single click, while using Advanced mode gives you more control over what layers and vehicle data to be included.

Report types



SBOX CLOUD allows you to select a specific area to calculate seed or product coverage, and get details on application zones, overlapping and excluded sectors. You can later use this information to compare performance across different plots and make decisions.



SBOX CLOUD allows you to get key information about product application rate during either harvest, planting or application stages. This data can be used to calculate costs and requirements on past and future campaigns.



SBOX CLOUD gives information about any vehicle (speed, status, performance, etc) allowing you to take quick decisions to improve machine performance.