3D Views

Thanks to its fast processor and state-of-the-art software, SBOX7® is the first precision agriculture display ever to display on-screen information in 3D.

3G Conectivity

The display includes 3G conectivity out of the box, allowing you to seamlessly upload all your work data to the Internet to be used on other devices.

Built in GPS

SBOX7® has built-in GPS and lightbar, allowing it to be used stand alone as a GPS guidance device.

Multiple guidance patterns

Configure multiple patterns to use on GPS guidance mode, including A-B Lines, adaptive curves or freeform.

Full autopilot compatibility


SBOX7® has off-the-shelve compatibility with all our automatic steering systems. Just plug in the additional kit and configure all the driving details right from your display.

imagen destacada
Use your SBOX7 with a Plantium automatic pilot and get the best results possible with automatic headland turns. When your vehicle enters a headland, SBOX7 and the automatic pilot will make the optimal turn automatically..


SBOX7 Display features an advanced GPS guidance system, allowing multiple guidance patterns, on-screen information and a built in lightbar, making it a perfect addition to your vehicle even if you are only looking for GPS guidance. Just make the first pass on your plot with the system turned on, and it will automatically create the work pattern for you to follow.

SBOX7 Display patrols
SBOX7 Display updated

No competition

The integrated SBOX7 Display system is an ultra-sleek display, with multitouch screen. It features an advanced GPS guidance system, and works as a central location for all your precision farming operations. Collect activity data, compensate difficult terrain, manage autopilots and control all  your equipment right from a single device.


SBOX7® ships with a high-contrast LED lightbar, built right into the case for easy GPS guidance. It’s visible even on direct sunlight, and you will be able to see all pass details and deviation on the SBOX7 Display main screen.

SBOX7 Display lights
SBOX7 Display back view

Designed for work

The new SBOX7 Display has a highly resistant aluminum casing, designed exclusively for optimum performance in agricultural labors. Robust, compact and elegant, able to withstand the harshest conditions. Top tier technology at the service of agriculture.

3d Views

SBOX7 Display 3D view

Get a realistic view of your equipment! SBOX7® displays a 3D depiction of your exact machine. Search your vehicle by brand and model: the device ships with a huge library of popular brands and models to choose from.

Intuitive and customizable work screens

SBOX7 Display customize_screen

Not only preset information is made available, you can easily customize your screen. Set up on screen, only the widgets you would like to use for a simpler job.

Efficiency and Overlap calculations

SBOX7 Display Efficiency

SBOX7® Sprayer brings you unique features. Efficiency and Overlap calculations are shown with real time mapping, statistical data and coverage information are also available.


SBOX7 Display maps

Don’t miss a thing about what’s going on in your plot. Customize your maps using markings, setting boundaries and guidance patterns. Watch previously generated maps and markings in real time as you work, right from your SBOX7 Display.

Remote Monitoring


SBOX7 Display incorporates SBOX® Cloud. Access in real time or hitorical mode, to detailed reports and customizable alerts of every function and tasks being done in the field. All you need is a device with and internet connection such as: PC, Laptpo, Tablet, Smartphone, etc. Receive your custom Alerts via SMS or email, and oversee the workday.

Export Shapefile


SBOX7® allows you to export your maps in shapefile, in such a simple way as saving them in a USB Drive. Open them later with the software of your choice.


Field creation



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