More working time

It allows to keep working with signal loss for up to 3 minutes.

GLONASS Included

It uses GPS and GLONASS satellites free of charge for the duration of the subscrption.

Simple setup

PlantiumRT only needs a VADER smart antenna, with a license and subscrption.

Two options

With two different setups available 2 cm and 15 cm, PlantiumRT covers all the agricultural labors needs.



Use your VADER smart antenna with PlantiumRT, our new correction service. Wich offers two available options:

* PlantiumRT2 brings 2 cm of precision, ideal for any agricultural task.

* PlantiumRT15 brings 15 cm of precision, apt for tasks suchs as Harvesting and Spraying.

PlantiumRT2 offers monthly, four-months and yearly subscrptions options. While PlantiumRT15 offers yearly subscrption. When the subscrption runs out, it can be renewd (immediatley or when needed), or use your VADER with eDIF (30 cm of precision) included in your product.

PlantiumRT offers satellite corrections directly to your SBOX7. Using only a VADER smart antenna with a license and subscrption (PlantiumRT2 or PlantiumRT15), working with an SBOX7 display, eliminating the need for additional radio, ordata plans.

Señal del Hub


 PlantiumRT gives horizontal precision corrections. It uses GPS and GLONASS constellations to increase satellite availability, and optimize service time. With PlantiumRT, get access to GLONASS for free during the duration of the subscrption. It allows to keep working up to 3 minutes during signal loss.

PlantiumRT converges in 5 minutes, when starting the vehicle from the same position where it was left off the previos work session; and 30 or less minutes in normal conditions.  The user can opt for other positions in less time, but compromising precision..

Display de pulverización


PlantiumRT works with an SBOX7 Display, it does not need additional hardware, radio or data plans. Just  install a VADER smart antenna in the vehicle.

*Convergence time varies depending on the GNSS constellation, multipath level, and obstacles obstrucions such as big trees and buildings. In ideal conditions, the receivers can converge to 30 cm in aproximately 10 minutes, 20 cm in 15 minutes, and full precision in under 30 minutes.

** Every horizontal precision is based in repeatable field performance 95% of the times.

High precision for your automatic pilot

El Hub es compatible con todos los pilotos automáticos

Along with a Plantium automatic pilot, PlantiumRT allows to increase the signal's precision to improve your benefits..

Own base
25-50 cm 15 cm 2 cm 1 cm
(year to year)
- < 50 cm 2 cm 1 cm
Convergence time 5 to 10 min 5 to 7 min 5 to 7 min 1 min
(USA satellite network)
(Russian satellite network)
Signal distribution Satellite Satellite Satellite Radio
Base - - -
Initial license fee Included Included
Regular subscription - Annual Monthly
Four months