Data collecting

Constantly saves crop data, including overall plot performance and yield maps.

Maximum loss control

Be aware of seed loss rate at any point during harvesting, and take action to prevent it.

Decision making aid

SBOX Harvest keeps you informed about key aspects of the job, such as seed moisture and yields, allowing you to quickly assess the situation and make decisions about seed storing and transportation.

Intuitive interface

harvester screen

Setting up your harvester will be as simple as turning on your display and following the step by step, on-screen instructions.

Platform width

harvester platform

Manually controlling your harvesting platform width is simple with SBOX: just press on each of the segments on your display to turn them on or off.

Per-variety yield maps

This feature gives you separate yield information for all seed varieties you’ve planted, giving you valuable data to determine what works best on any given plot. Get multiple yield maps in real time as you harvest, or compare them with historic data to optimize your planting for next season.

harvester performance

Plot outlining

harvester outline

The Outline feature lets you trace the work area edges on a map, allowing you to set separate zones inside a plot. While on this mode, SBOX Harvest will not record any other activity on the combine: it will only draw the active path with a black line as it moves forward.

It’s also possible to set up which side is going to be used to trace the border: just press the button on the display and you’re set.

Seed loss sensors

Using electronic and mechanical sensors, SBOX Harvest accurately determines the amount of seed loss on your combine. All Plantium sensors are highly optimized, and have been developed over 25 years of experience monitoring seed loss. Virtually any harvester can be equipped with a seed loss monitor.

Sieve Sensor

harvester sleeve sensor

The sieve sensor measures the amount of seed lost on the sieves. This information can be used to adjust fan speed accordingly, or consider an overall machine tune-up if losses are too high. By combining seed sensors on both sieves and straw walkers, you can dramatically improve your harvesting performance and avoid leaving money on the ground.

Straw Walker sensor

harvester straw walker sensor

Straw walker sensors measure loss on the straw walkers, the most significant seed loss cause. This performance hit can be prevented adjusting harvester speeds: with a sensor you can easily strike the exact speed / performance balance and minimize seed loss while still working at full speed. Seed sensitivity is easily adjustable to allow monitoring multiple crop types.


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