The benefits of ecuRow

By Plantium

July 20th, 2018 Published in Sin categoría

Increase U$D 25.000 your earnings, in only 300ha of corn!

ecuRow sets a turning point in agriculture. It allows to double your planting speed, to cover double the area in the same time. A key point in narrow planting windows, and specially important for contractors.

And you are not just doubling your planting capabilities, you are increasing yield and benefits. You earn more, and you also save more!

Increased precision in plant placing, in half the time it would take with conventional pneumatic distributors.

To achieve these points, ecuRow eliminates multiple seeds and skips, and gets to 99% singulation (against 92% of conventional pneumatic planting) while keeping a phenomenally low variation coefficient. You will be reducing singulation losses to a tenth of what you would get with a regular planting system. This translates to a significant yield increase. you can increase your earnings by U$D25.000 planting only 300ha!

Planting with a regular pneumatic distributor, at 6km/h, and with 92% singulation, you would be having 0,45 tn/ha losses. Without ASC and without Automatic Pilot.

Differences with mechanical distributors are even greater. Singulation losses are worse, keeping them below 87%, while ecuRow can keep singulation at 99%. This situation would create earnings above U$D25.000 in 300ha.

ecuRow measures singulation and displays it in details and in real time on SBOX7/11.

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*The example is calculated with a a 12 row planter, 300 hectare and 75.000 seeds per hectare, increasing your earnings U$D 25.110.